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Results: 2023-2024 Season
Eaton 28th April <ABANDONED>
Lount 14th April 2024

Riley’s Railway, 24th March 2024
Crossways Farm, Stainby 18-02-2024
Crossways Farm, Stainby 14-01-2024
Riley’s Railway 31-12-23
Vickers Farm, Tilton 19-11-23
Riley’s Railway, Marefield 15th Oct 2023
Rectory Farm, Uppingham 10th Sept 2023

Previous Results (2022-2023)
Woodland Farm, Lount, 16th April 2023
Riley's Railway, Marefield, 19th March 2023
Crossways Farm, Stainby, 19th Feb 2023
Vickers Farm, Tilton on the Hill, 22nd Jan 2023
Lodge Farm, Eaton 8th Jan 2023
Earl Shilton Trials Club, 4th Dec 2022
Riley’s Railway, Marefield, 6th Nov 2022
Vickers Farm, Tilton on the Hill, 16th Oct 2022
Rectory Farm, Uppingham, 11th Sept 2022

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Last updated 30/04/2024 10:06



We hoped Eaton might be less boggy in April – how wrong we were


Trials Report: Eaton 28th April 2024

Nothing to report – only to share our disappointment that we had to call off the event due to the heavy rain we’d had for the preceding 10 hours. We will, of course, be refunding all the entry fees ASAP. Thanks to everyone for your understanding.

The championship results have been worked out and verified (by a totally independent, second placed, committee member). There are awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed riders in each class – no championship for the guest class.

Championship Results 23-24

Our BBQ trial is over the weekend of 8th/9th June at Vickers Farm. This is a social event, no observers, no regs, no entry fees. An ideal opportunity to test your latest trials creations and have a chilled day out. Taverners provide a BBQ late on Saturday afternoon, basic toilet facilities on site. Camping is available if pre-booked with Pete Hyde-Monk.


Trials Report: Lount 14th April 2024

The wet winter we’ve had restricted the area of woodland we could use to the old railway embankment, the rest was too boggy, as a couple of drivers discovered! However, Pete and Roger gave us some generally grippy, but definitely tight, sections to play with. 

Ben Measures and Mark Spencer managed to stay clean all day (according to the score sheets) with a few on a single dab, which I bet was most annoying!

I could not get to grips with section 8, making a right hash of it until the last lap. I also went into the holly bush every time near the exit of section 5 – I bet most didn’t even know it was a holly bush!

Sad to hear that Andy Smith lost his genuine, 1951, Belstaff  jacket when his van was stolen from work – that will be irreplaceable in such good condition .

Our last event of the season is the rearranged Eaton trial on 28th April.  Only two weeks away. Signing on duties may be handled by another volunteer as there are some date potential clashes.


Trials Report: Riley’s 24th March 2024

Very late to update this page again.  Life keeps getting in the way! There’s still plenty of time if you were looking to download an entry form for Lount.

The last-minute change of venue saved us from having to cancel Sunday's event which would have meant missing out on a pleasant day at Riley's - so thanks to Mr Riley and to Pete H-M for sorting it out.

I can see that sections 3 and 4 were considerably more challenging than section 7 where I was observing. Although a few riders didn't find me until after the lunch break. The big climb on section 8 took no marks.

I hope our new faces enjoyed their day with the Taverners.

Thanks to our observers, which included the slightly damaged Ian Coates, and to those retiring riders who picked up boards to ease the progress of the event.

Our next event is at Lount on 14th April- behind the Welly Deli again, down the long drive where we must all park through the gates - early arrivals please park well into the woods to make room for the rest.

S T O P  P R E S S:
With the continued wet weather we’re unable to use the ground at Uppingham for our March event. Rather than cancel the trial we’ve been able to relocate, at short notice, to Riley’s Railway, Marefield. W3W: frocks.encroach.third

Trial Report: Stainby 18th Feb 2024

Our second visit to Stainby this year was a bit different to the January event.
The very wet week preceding meant there was little chance of avoiding getting muddy.  Pete and his team wanted to use different areas for this event and set out some challenging sections. The ‘Mound’ on the far side (section 5) proved challenging with its ruts and slippery hump, as did section 6 where the exit lost most of its grip by lunch.  Easing these two for the afternoon didn’t help me any! Section 1 got worse, as did section 8’s exit.

Still, lots of riders said they had a great day out.  Steve cordon finishing the day on 9 is quite an achievement! A couple of machine failures caused retirements while I decided I'd pushed my luck far enough after 5 laps.

Considering the weather over the previous week, Pete and his team did a good job making it work.

Nigel McDonnell failed the final test of the day and had to be towed out of his chosen parking spot. Not before splattering yours truly in mud while digging himself in deeper.

As ever, thank you to our observers for sticking with us, and for those who picked up a board.

Our next trial is at Uppingham in March. Our September trial there was a scorching hot day – I suspect it might be different this time.


Pete has managed to re-arrange our Eaton trial for 28th April (well done Pete) so “The Bog” should be dry and, more importantly, we should be able to get into the venue!

Trial Report: Stainby 14th Jan 2024

Stainby can be horrible but, compared to Riley’s last time, it was positively pleasant with sunshine and not too much mud. I’m sure it was cold enough for the observers so we must extend our thanks for their continued support.

Pete and Stuart were threatening to make the sections a training session for those entered in “The Scottish” but, thankfully, they kept to the tried and trusted Taverners’ formula of “just enough to make it interesting”.  We want to keep the big old bikes entering.  I suspect Ian Cramp’s fillings were rattling louder than his girders by the end of the day.

Section 2 took most of the points. The climb in got easier but the slippery mud on the other side got worse – for me at least. The entry gate did seem to get mysteriously wider as the day progressed.  Three clean rounds and plenty of low scores indicates that most had a good day. T-Bones excluded 😊

Bear in mind that we’re back again on the 18th Feb. The weather and Pete’s mood could make things different.

Apparently the new 20mph speed limit in Wales meant Tom didn’t get back in time to get his entry form sent in – but at least he won one Trials award with the observer’s raffle.

Our next event, on 14th Jan, has been moved to Stainby. Recent weather conditions have made Vickers Farm unavailable.

Trial Report: Riley’s Railway 31st December

The wet end to the year has continued. Fortunately, the raised aspect of Riley’s affords some drainage so at least we could get in and out of the venue. Pete and Roger had anticipated the conditions and tried to create 8 useable sections and they, more or less, succeeded. It’s the first time in a while that we’ve taken points of everyone! Scores for the first couple of laps were pretty low then the sections evidently became more difficult as the grip got used up.

Observing on section 7 it became a case of marking a 5 or a 3 for those who could paddle through. The exceptions were Mick Ash with a two and three dabs, and Mark Spencer’s 3 and 2. I actually raised my hat to Mark as he cleaned his penultimate lap! Impressed.

Thanks to us observers!

Our next trial is on the 14th Jan – it’s meant to be at Vickers Farm but that is unlikely to be available with not enough time to dry out even if it does stop raining. Pete is trying to rearrange dates with Stainby where, at least, we’ll be able to park on hard standing. We’ll let people know as soon as we know. Please check back to see where we’re publishing regs for.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year



The waterlogged ground conditions at the Eaton venue are such that we are not able to access the site. Parking on the road is not possible (wet verges) so Pete and Roger have made the decision to cancel this event. We apologise for any inconvenience. We’ll email out info and options for refunds etc.

Trial Report: Vickers 19th Nov 2023

Sorry, I’m a bit late posting this info up.

Considering the 'damp' state of the surrounding fields Pete and Roger did well to get 8 useable sections.

There was a marked difference between the three far sections and those on the embankment as can be seen in the scores. Section 5 took most of the points as any grippy bits got used up as the day progressed.  It’s a shame some sections became ‘unmanned’ and closed before the end.

The climb on section 6 seemed to be more of a problem for the lighter bikes - one for the thumpers!

The usual suspects didn’t put a foot down and some admiral low scores as well. It was a bit chilly for the observers, so thanks for sticking with us.

I’m sure you are aware that our venues are provided by kind consent of the landowners, and it doesn’t take much to lose access to those venues. We are grateful that Mr Vickers allowed us to continue with the trial considering the ground conditions.


Trial Report: Riley’s 15th Oct 2023

A much more comfortable day, weather wise, compared to September’s event. What a lovely day it turned out to be. Frost on the grass to start, then autumn sun for the rest of the day.

The rain in previous days kept the dust at bay but didn't affect the grip resulting in plenty of low scores. If a tree in section 2 hadn't jumped in front of me, I'd have achieved my first ever clean event!

As a bonus; no one went home in an ambulance!                  

Thanks, as ever, to our observers it was a bit chilly for some in the shady spots.

Next event is at Vickers Farm on Nov 19th                          

We are recruiting for a new trials secretary to take over from me after 20+ years in post. If anyone would like to discuss taking on the role then please get in touch.           

Trial Report: Uppingham 10th Sept 2023

Phew! What a scorcher! A high retirement rate in those conditions is understandable. Well done to all you finishers.

Pete and Roger chose to set the sections out in the shadiest part of the venue and, while a bit tight for the big bikes, there was plenty to keep riders entertained. Some, even, were still smiling at the end.

Section 2 took most of the points early on, but riders seemed to get the hang of it later.

I managed to pick the only observing location, in the afternoon, without any shade. Scorchio!🥵


You'll be pleased to hear that Steve Goodman's dislocated elbow has been put back in place and no other injury was found. I suspect he'll be out of action for a bit, with his elbow in plaster, but he'll be able to hold a pen for observing!


Our next trial is at Riley’s on 15th October. Things might have cooled down a bit by then.


2023-2024 Season

Dates and venues have been booked and confirmed with the landowners and permits applied for. Conditions of our permits require membership of either the VMCC or the AMCA.  Please bring proof of membership to the first trial you attend. Our first event is at Rectory Farm, Uppingham on 10th Sept 2023.

The email entry and PayPal payment method really makes my job easier, so that’s fixed in stone. This does mean we can accept entries until the Friday before events.  Entries on the day, cheque or cash payments present more admin headaches than I’m willing to deal with.

Entry forms and regs can be downloaded as PDF files from www.tavernerstrials.org.uk and can be filled in on your computer (or even on your phone) if you use the Adobe Reader application –fill and sign –then send as an email.  At worst, you can scan or photograph the form and email it.

Regs include details on how to pay using PayPal–so read the regs. Basically, on PayPal.com, SEND MONEY to mark@tavernerstrials.org.uk. Please use your name and the event venue and date in the payment reference so we can reconcile payments with entries received. PLEASE SEND YOUR ENTRY FEE AS A PAYMENT TO FRIENDS OR FAMILY –we’re not a business and we get charged for ‘product’ payments.

Results will be posted on the website and, usually, emailed out.

You will be aware that everything has gone up! So, we’re having to increase the entry fees to the nearest £5 per head (except juniors). This means we can pay the landowners more (last increase 10 years ago) and cover increases in insurance and other expenses. We don’t aim to make a profit and we will still be subsidised by the Taverners section, as necessary, to ensure the events remain affordable.

Machine eligibility rules are unchanged: If it was made after 1956 then enter in the guest class (unless entering in the youth classes). Electronic ignitions, Amal concentric carburettors and non-standard fork internals are acceptable mods.  Ball ended levers and folding footrests are sensible updates. Wearing of helmets is compulsory. Please check if there are any final instructions on the day of the event. We hope we won’t be instructed to make any special arrangements this season –but you never can tell!

We are grateful to, and rely upon, our faithful band of observers and stewards. We are sometimes short of observers -any volunteers you bring along to help would be made very welcome –as an added incentive, there is an exciting observers’ raffle at each event. If you can help in any capacity, please contact Peter on 07826 683600 or Roger on 01509 412662. 

We aim for around 45 entries at each trial with an absolute limit of 50–any more than that and it all starts getting a bit hectic –and we’re all there to ride and enjoy.  We will maintain our normal 8 laps of 8 sections format (6 laps of 8 sections for the ‘Sporting’ class), with a lunch break at midday, unless conditions dictate otherwise.

Please make sure entries are in and payment made by the FRIDAY prior to the event. Remember: No entries on the day, No cheques, No cash.

Important: Event insurance, as provided by the AMCA; covering Landowners, Organisers, Officials and Competitors should a third party get injured. You require your own insurance cover if using your bike on a public road (e.g. riding across the road at Uppingham –or up the ‘green lane’).

To ensure our status as ‘responsible’ organisers, riding without a helmet, or riding prior to signing on is strictly prohibited.

We, as a club, are bound by GDPR legislation to be a responsible holder of your personal data. We only store information that allows us to communicate with you for the purposes directly relating to our events. 

Please bear in mind that we are all unpaid volunteers who take on the roles to keep the sport available for us all. Be nice.

The Taverners Team look forward to seeing you again for another season of friendly competition in perfect weather with feet firmly on footpegs.

About 'The Taverners"

The Taverners section of the VMCC is probably best known for the Founders Day Rally at Stamford Hall. Many visitors to that annual event will have witnessed the light hearted display of trials riding in the arena.  What most may not realise is that the Taverners have been running a competitive winter trials series, in and around Leicestershire, for the last 40 odd years.

We hold nine (more or less) trials between September and April at venues which provide a variety of challenges, most of which include mud.

Our events are, generally, laid out to suit the 'Big Old Bikes' that have fallen out of competitive favour in most 'classic' trials events.  Our intention is that riders on girder forked rigid machines should be able to compete and, any rider, irrespective of age or skill, should be able to complete the event without excessive physical distress (although 8 laps of 8 sections is a good workout).  With that in mind, our trials are designated as Pre-57 events. This decision was made many moons ago as providing a demarcation date after which the unit lightweights took over; resulting in tighter sections and more acrobatic riding styles becoming the norm.

We have four competition classes in which trophies are awarded.  Girder/Rigid machines (Pre-41), Tele/Rigid 4 stroke machines, fully "suspendered" 4 strokes and two smoke machines (for those that must).  We also have a youth class for riders under 16. When numbers permit, we have a non-championship 'guest' class.  This was originally intended to allow riders of 'trick' pre-57 bikes to ride without taking points from original machines but we now have a number of regular pre-65 riders making up the numbers. While we don't ask for dating certificates, machines should, generally, be of the period. Concentric carburettors, electronic Ignitions and nonstandard fork internals are acceptable modifications.

We have a healthy following for the events with our absolute limit of 50 entries regularly being fully subscribed.  The temptation to extend the entry limit, to prevent turning riders away, has been resisted as this would result in longer queues at the sections, longer queues for the lunchtime soup and less time in the pub afterwards.

The events attract a good variety of machines and rider ability. We have some keen younger riders and many of the 'old hands' are riding well past retirement age.  As usual, scores range from the odd 'dab free' ride to those, like mine, matching the bike's engine capacity!

We have a loyal and enthusiastic group of volunteers who act as observers, staff the soup kitchen, lay out sections and clean up after us - more are always welcome.