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Vickers  Farm, Tilton on the Hill, 14th Oct 2018

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Results 2018-2019
Woodland Farm, Lount 2nd September 2018

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Championship Results 2017-2018 (Updated 12/4/18)
Riley’s Railway, Marefield, 8th April 2018
Rectory Farm, Uppingham 11th March 2018
Lodge Farm, Eaton, 18th Feb 2018
Crossways Farm, Stainby, 21st Jan 2018

Earls Shilton Trials Club, 31st Dec 2017
Riley’s Railway, Marefield 3rd Dec 2017
Vickers’ Farm, Tilton, 22nd Oct 2017
Rectory Farm, Uppingham 3rd Sept 2017
Woodland Farm, Lount 24th Sept 2017

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SK 39479 19005


Vickers Farm

SK 7365 0772



SK 7914 2915


Riley's Railway

SK 7411 0818


Earl Shilton Trials Club

SP 495 962



SK 91411 23063



SK 7914 2915


Rectory Farm, Uppingham

SP 864 983


Riley's Railway

SK 7411 0818

Last updated 03 September 2018


Stink-wheel smoke in the woods at Lount.


Trial Report: Lount 2nd Sept 2018

Our first trial of the winter series was in lovely sunshine with dragonflies buzzing around the ponds and stink wheel smoke scenting the air.  27 riders entered but only 23 finished – my reason being machine problems, others had less convincing excuses. The sections were tight in places but obviously not too tight as two cleans and several low scores, especially in the tele-rigid class, show it was all perfectly doable to those with the acquired skills.  A most enjoyable day out in the woods.

Thanks to our observers, some of whom were press ganged innocent bystanders. If you’re riding and retire, don’t run off, stay and observe – I learned a few tips by watching others – most of which I’ll have forgotten before the next trial at Vickers Farm on the 14th Oct.

A new season is upon us

Dates and venues have been confirmed with the land owners, first permits issued and offerings made to the meteorological deities for fair weather.

Conditions of our permits require membership of either the VMCC or the AMCA.  If you have not ridden with us before please bring proof of membership to the first trial you attend. 

Entry fees remain the same as last year. Machine eligibility rules are unchanged: If it was made after 1956 then enter the guest class (unless entering in the youth classes). Electronic ignitions, Amal concentric carburettors and non-standard fork internals are acceptable mods.  Ball ended levers and folding footrests are sensible updates. Helmets are compulsory.

We are grateful to, and rely upon, our faithful band of observers and stewards. We are sometimes short of observers - any volunteers you bring along to help would be made very welcome – as an added incentive there is an exciting observers’ raffle at each event. Peter has, apparently, completed his Clerk of the Course apprenticeship but Roger will continue keeping an eye on him for a while yet. If you can help out, in any capacity, please contact Roger on 01509 412662. 

Could those of you awarded cups or trophies from the 2017/2018 season – please return them to us so they can be engraved ready for presentation in November.

Some of you may know that Colin and Margaret Constable have been in the wars since our last trial with an accident during the Relay Rally (thankfully recovery has proceeded well) and Colin suffering a setback more recently.  I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing them well and hope for Colin’s speedy recovery.  As well as providing 25% of our observing team between them, Colin is also the Taverners’ awards secretary so don’t mess him about!

We aim for around 45 entries at each trial with an absolute limit of 50 – any more than that and it all starts getting a bit hectic – and we’re all there to ride and enjoy.  We will maintain our normal 8 laps of 8 sections format (6 laps of 8 sections for the ‘Sporting’ class), with a lunch break at midday, unless conditions dictate otherwise. Please make sure entries are in by the Monday prior to the event. Remember: other than exceptional circumstances there are no entries on the day.

Important: Event insurance, as provided by the AMCA; covers Land Owners, Organisers, Officials and Competitors should a third party get injured. You require your own insurance cover if using your bike on a public road (e.g. riding across the road at Uppingham – or up the ‘green lane’). To ensure our status as ‘responsible’ organisers, riding without a helmet, or riding prior to signing on is strictly prohibited.

Please bear in mind that we’re all volunteers who take on the roles to keep the sport available for us all.

The Taverners Team look forward to seeing you again for another season of friendly competition in perfect weather with feet firmly on foot pegs.

Vids & Pics:
Kev ‘Panther’ Alexander regularly updates photographs and videos, of various trials, on YouTube and Picassa.  You can also see them on the Taverners web link. Kev has also set up a FarceBook group.

Facebook group

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Picassa Site

Results, Regs & Entries:
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: No entries on the day.
: ALL entrants must be members of the VMCC or AMCA.
Helmets to be worn by all riders.

About 'The Taverners"

The Taverners section of the VMCC is probably best known for the Founders Day Rally at Stamford Hall. Many visitors to that annual event will have witnessed the light hearted display of trials riding in the arena.  What most may not realise is that the Taverners have been running a competitive winter trials series, in and around Leicestershire, for the last 40 odd years.

We hold eight (more or less) trials between September and April at venues which provide a variety of challenges, most of which include mud.

Our events are, generally, laid out to suit the 'Big Old Bikes' that have fallen out of competitive favour in most 'classic' trials events.  Our intention is that riders on girder forked rigid machines should be able to compete and, any rider, irrespective of age or skill, should be able to complete the event without excessive physical distress (although 8 laps of 8 sections is a good workout).  With that in mind, our trials are designated as Pre-57 events. This decision was made many moons ago as providing a demarcation date after which the unit lightweights took over; resulting in tighter sections and more acrobatic riding styles becoming the norm.

We have four competition classes in which trophies are awarded.  Girder/Rigid machines (Pre-41), Tele/Rigid 4 stroke machines, fully "suspendered" 4 strokes and two smoke machines (for those that must).  We also have a youth class for riders under 16. When numbers permit, we have a non-championship 'guest' class.  This was originally intended to allow riders of 'trick' pre-57 bikes to ride without taking points from original machines but we now have a number of regular pre-65 riders making up the numbers. While we don't ask for dating certificates, machines should, generally, be of the period. Concentric carburettors, electronic Ignitions and nonstandard fork internals are acceptable modifications.

We have a healthy following for the events with our absolute limit of 50 entries regularly being fully subscribed.  The temptation to extend the entry limit, to prevent turning riders away, has been resisted as this would result in longer queues at the sections, longer queues for the lunchtime soup and less time in the pub afterwards.

The events attract a good variety of machines and rider ability. We have some keen younger riders and many of the 'old hands' are riding well past retirement age.  As usual, scores range from the odd 'dab free' ride to those, like mine, matching the bike's engine capacity!

We have a loyal and enthusiastic group of volunteers who act as observers, staff the soup kitchen, lay out sections and clean up after us - more are always welcome.

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